Welcome to the website!

Hi, it’s Jamie & I’ve run my Twitter account for around 4 years now & never bothered to get a constant running blog where I just spew out my thoughts/forecasts in further detail. I’ve been a weather nutter all my life so I do like to waffle on about these things.

I’ve only truly picked up on constant weather tweeting within the last year or so & I thought it’s the perfect time to set up something like this for those who want that extra sprinkle of detail!

This is something I’ve never done before so hoping for the best & that it doesn’t all break on me. Fingers crossed.

This blog will be where I go into a bit more detail on what I normally do on Twitter. You’ll be hearing more about my own opinions on how it’ll turn out & more of the drivers behind how it is happening.

There is only so much you stick into 280 characters & a single tweet!

I’ll also be looking back occasionally at weather events of the past & giving details on what caused those & the type of conditions faced. There are a plethora of forgotten events of the past that are interesting to look back on due to their extremity & rather bizarre nature.

This will also be the future place for my seasonal forecasts that are usually issued for Winter/Summer & will have the details explained further here. These will be released on the day of the start of the meteorological season or just beforehand.

It’ll be pretty baren at the moment but it will slowly fill up with blog posts which I aim to do every week or so. My Twitter will be as active as always so this isn’t a replacement for it, more like an add-on.

You’ll also notice the ‘Live Data’ choice in the menu along the footer. That’s a handy template that I’ve used on this website for months that displays data for my area (Herne Bay) so if you’re interested, have a gander! There will also be extra things popping up such as ‘Useful Links’ over the next few weeks

October is looking as grim as ever per its usual yearly standard. Autumn has truly arrived & settled in for the next months. It’ll then be onto Winter & that’s when all the giddy excitement for everyone starts. I’ll keep you posted then if any snow chances crop up & an eye on Siberian snow cover over the next month. We can only cross our fingers & hope!